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Kitchen Extension, Blakedown: The perfect house alteration Bromsgrove

Doug Rowand Builders do not only turn old bungalows into new, rejuvenated structures. We also work on modern homes and any other kind of domestic and private properties. We have worked on several building projects offering different types of refurbishments, home extensions, conversions, renovation and house alterations Bromsgrove. While we treat each and every project with utmost care and attention and strive to deliver highly client-centric services that not only fulfill your needs but also leave you astonished, this kitchen extension project in Blakedown, Kidderminster was one of our most remarkable works.

Although simple, the kitchen extension projects stand testament to the artistic brilliance and building capabilities of our team of builders. Not only did it impress the client but the design was also appreciated by his guests and we were later contacted for other projects. While you can check out the series of photographs on our gallery that will exhibit the complete kitchen construction we did, the most mentionable part of the extension was the full across the back extension, which stretched for almost the entire length of the property. We also fitted kitchen units and the fascias Bromsgrove was specially appreciated by the client.

Not just the extension that stretched all across the length of the property, but the design and artistic touch we added to the modern kitchen construction was something exceptional and unique. We also installed a range of electric and plumbing equipment and multiple appliances. All in all, the work was an exceptional and remarkable job that was done with sheer brilliance by our team. Our team coordinated with client all along the way to perfectly understand and cater to his unique needs.

Along with an initial design plan, we also recommended a variety of useful designs to the owners and proceeded with the plans after the client had approved the design.